SKM Service Ltd offers services for the industrial sector. Our main strengths and core competencies lie in all kinds of industrial maintenance work, piping replacement and the installation of new pipings, tank repair work, steel works, installation of machines and equipment, and the supervision of investment, stoppage and maintenance projects.



We think all industrial projects boil down to people, because it is people who do the work. It is therefore important that work is done by motivated experts – this is the best way to achieve the best possible results. As a service provider, our mission is, as our slogan summarises, to provide highly motivated experts for the various needs of the industry. The best possible results in a project – zero accidents, on-time delivery, excellent quality and so on – means happy customers!   

The foundation of all the expertise of the company is its team: fitters, welders, supervisors and project managers. In addition to regular training, we invest in and improve the expertise of our team by offering our experts new and varying projects that challenge them to develop their skills.


SKM Service ISO9001-2015 ISO3834-2-2005 certificate
SKM Service EN1090-1-2009 A1-2011 certificate
SKM Service PED EN13480 certificate

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